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Dashboards & Visualization

See-Change provides expertise and best practices in all aspects of BI, including dashboarding and data visualization. We define and deliver innovative solutions by assessing customer needs and developing a customized value plan aligned with strategy and deliverables. We Leverage our data/analytics-related business, process and technology subject matter expertise, to create rapid solutions for our customers

Our advisory services include:

• Data Visualization:
• Best practices in user experience and interface design.
• Dashboarding for presentation.
• Dashboarding for exploration and discovery
• Optimal data visualization design, including use of variations and relationships and pre-attentive attributes.
• Collaborative Analytics
• Strategies for enabling collaborative insights
• Use of Enterprise Collaboration platforms

We help our clients uncover actionable insights, and automate the sharing of those insights for collaboration and consensus, to deliver improved business outcomes

We also provide advisory guidance regarding enterprise data and analytics strategy. This includes expected business outcomes, governance, roadmap, skills, technologies, business use cases.

Visualization, Mobility and Self-Service Reporting

Still over-reliant on Excel for reporting? Difficult to get access to the information you need to make informed decisions?

Most organisations now recognise the danger of relying too heavily on “gut feel” when it comes to making critical business decisions.

With emerging capabilities such as data visualisation, mobile devices and analytical reporting, now is the time to re-evaluate how information is consumed within your organisation.

BI Roundtable

“BI is the fastest growing segment in the software market, but why is adoption so low?”
A discussion with Patrick Spedding, Claudia Imhoff and Howard Dresner

Opinion: BI governance in a world of self-service data
Without effective, governed self-service data preparation and data discovery, information becomes noise, trust in the information is diminished, and effective collaboration becomes much more difficult. Everything is louder than everything else.

Self-service business intelligence platforms provide significant benefits, but have also contributed to a new trend: the “wild west” of proliferating BI silos, inconsistent business definitions, no data lineage, and no single version of the truth.

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Opinion: How Social Business Solutions Power Collaborative Analytics
To a greater or lesser extent, everyone collaborates. I watch my two-year-old twins collaborate daily. I listen to the “collaborative creativity” within a jazz ensemble. Yet so often in a work context we operate in silos.

For decades, the silo of choice was the spreadsheet. Today, it’s becoming the data discovery “workbook.” Yet it’s no longer enough to just have meaningful analytics: it’s also about speed.

When Steve Jobs talked about his Macintosh development team at Apple, he talked about “…musicians and poets and artists…” He talked about “trying to expose yourselves to the best things that humans have done.” In other words, getting inspired by the ideas of others. Collaborating.

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TDWI: Self-Service BI
Learn four key self-service BI objectives and which information workers will benefit most from such environments.

Philip Russom of TDWI interviews Claudia Imhoff about Self Service BI