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IBM QMF Vision

IBM QMF Vision gives executives and line-of-business owners a fast, easy way to connect to, explore, and share TM1 data—without help from IT. This hands-on approach to BI visualization provides deep insights into TM1 cube data for more of the people who need it.

IBM QMF Vision provides a way for business users to easily access data stored in IBM Cognos BI reports, IBM TM1 cubes, IBM Z Systems, SAS data sets, even Excel Spreadsheets, to quickly create rich visualizations that expose trends, outliers, and historical data, to derive insights for planning and forecasting. Get more from your investment in IBM by enabling all your business users to work with timely data, giving them the confidence to make the right decisions. IBM QMF Vision also supports team-based collaboration, by enabling users to immediately share insights via collaboration platforms such as IBM Connections, IBM Watson Workspace, and Slack.

Blend data for a 360-degree view and easier collaboration

More information leads to better-informed decisions. The data stored in the TM1 cube alone does not provide the necessary 360-degree view many executives require. For the complete picture, they also need to analyze data stored outside the cube, such as enterprise data from mainframe to relational sources, to desktops. When users capture data from multiple sources in one dashboard, they gain new, valuable insights.

With IBM QMF Vision, users can create blended dashboards with visualizations from various data sources. For example, one visualization might display TM1 forecasting data, another, inventory levels and revenue from an IBM Cognos PowerCube, and a third, data from a file on a local machine. Users can then collaborate with stakeholders in real time simply by sharing the dashboard in the chat window.

IBM QMF Vision and IBM Collaboration Solutions

IBM QMF Vision helps IBM® Connections customers leverage their social business platform for full business intelligence (BI) collaboration, and puts business context into in IBM Watson Workspace team interactions to facilitate fact based decision making.

These seamless integrations optimize communication via the IBM Connections framework and IBM Watson Workspace and more effectively capitalizes on data discovery with knowledge sharing across targeted teams. The result is a complete collaborative BI workflow. Connect with other users and share data files and dashboard across teams, discuss options and opinions real-time to ensure success with timely, accurate decisions and appropriate actions for best business outcomes.

Collaborative BI