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SAS/Tableau Integration

See-Change has unparalleled expertise in integrating SAS and Tableau. The integration of the two can have significant business benefits, and based on our expertise in both solutions, we have developed several integration techniques.

SAS and Tableau are ‘best of breed’ in their own areas – SAS in the area of Analytics and ‘Analytical Data Preparation’, Tableau in the area of data visualization and interactive dashboarding in an intuitive, drag & drop environment. Consequently, it makes sense to find ways to integrate these technologies to provide an Integrated Information Framework which leverages the strengths of both solutions.

Leveraging SAS capabilities in this way provides a way to ‘rapid prototype’ business reporting requirements, without the costs and delays typically seen when attempting to model emerging business requirements in the Data Warehouse via traditional ETL methods.

In addition, this approach suggests a way to protect the investment in analytical reporting as developed by the SAS team, by providing a platform to publish those reports for easy consumption, plus easy re-formatting and ‘slice & dice’ of these reports in the Tableau environment

Benefits of such an approach include:

  • Almost any SAS report now can be used to create an ad-hoc, data exploration environment within Tableau, to quickly satisfy users’ emerging information requirements.
  • New BI requirements, ad-hoc ministerial requests or changing legislative reporting requirements can now be prototyped quickly and effectively, via a SAS/Tableau BI methodology, delivering business value in a short space of time.
  • Users can be involved in the information design process, collaborating with the BI team to visually model requirements and explore the outputs produced, modifying on the fly as required. This ‘rapid prototyping’ approach, applied to a sequence of rolling 2-3 month BI deliverables, can help to deliver considerable business value in a compressed timeframe.
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    As a Tableau Business Partner, we have exclusive access to Tableau resources including pre-release software, enabling us to keep ahead of the curve and guide you on your Data Visualisation journey.